About BeatBox Beverages

BeatBox Beverages was founded with the belief that boxed wine doesn't have to be boring. We were tired of all those standard boxed wines, and we knew there was an opportunity to create a better mixed drink experience for people who know what perfection in a box should look and taste like.

There’s no better feeling than having that perfect song play through the speakers that just sums up the way you feel at that moment. We’re passionate music fans, too. So, we designed BeatBox around music and with that euphoric feeling in mind. To us, it’s not just a drink – it’s an experience. BeatBox comes in a sharable 5L box and is best served chilled and with friends. So get out there and laugh with old friends, make some new ones, and live life the way it’s supposed to be lived – with your eyes and ears open.

Speaking of friends...can we be yours?!? Interact with us on social media and we promise that we’ll put filters on ugly photos, give away cool stuff, and most importantly, be there with you as we live life to the fullest.


The BeatBox Team

Meet the BeatBox Team

Product Information

BeatBox Beverages are delicious wine-based cocktails in a box.

  • Delicious - Our two most popular flavors are delicious Blue Razzberry Lemonade and refreshing Cranberry Limeade cocktails. BeatBox tastes more like your favorite vodka mixed drink than a wine.
  • Party Sized - Each BeatBox contains 5 liters or nearly 7 bottles of wine! That's enough for 34 5oz servings and one epic party.
  • Wine Based - 11.1% ABV
  • Low Calorie - Each 5oz serving has 120 calories (same as the SkinnyGirl Margarita) and only 7g of sugar.
  • Long Shelf Life - Because of our unique bag-in-box packaging, BeatBox stays good in your fridge for two months after opening.
  • Something for Everyone - Try BeatBox on its own, with a mixer, in a cocktail, or as frozen BeatBoxicles!


Justin Fenchel came to the McCombs School of Business with an idea. He and lifelong friend, Brad Schultz, had envisioned a market opportunity, while living in Los Angeles, for a boxed wine targeted at the millennial generation. Justin knew they needed help to develop and execute the idea, so he went about recruiting three of his MBA classmates: Aimy Steadman, Dan Singer and Jason Schieck. Together, the five of them shaped that original idea into the BeatBox Beverages concept of today, with a mission to make parties more fun, one box at a time!

Justin Fenchel
Justin FenchelCEO
Tired of a career in financial services, Justin decided there had to be a better way. By creating a company that combined two of his favorite things, music and parties, he is now truly happy. When not running the world’s greatest alcohol company, Justin can be found posting Instagram photos of legendary dogs.
Brad Schultz
Brad SchultzCXO
It's no surprise, Brad's nickname is "HDTH" -- which stands for How Did This Happen? From clothing brands to iPhone apps to now BeatBox, Brad has always had the passion to build something great. He also has a weird obsession with penguins.
Aimy Steadman
Aimy SteadmanCOO
Aimy is a former college radio DJ and now publishes monthly themed mixes online. When not slapping bags into BeatBoxes, she can be found attempting to befriend neighborhood dogs.
Spencer Hopkins
Spencer HopkinsPartner and TX / OK Regional Manager
Spencer's biggest fear in life is saying "you too" to servers who tell him to enjoy his dinner.
Jason Schieck
Jason SchieckCo-Founder
Jason enjoys music from all genres, but has a particular interest in hip-hop and EDM. Beyond music and BeatBox, he is an automotive fanatic and resident of Detroit.
Dan Singer
Dan SingerCo-Founder
Dan is a live music junkie, enthusiasm enthusiast, and self-described scholar of music history. Dan currently resides in Chicago where he nerds out on airplanes, parties responsibly, and more than occasionally daydreams of Texas.

Regional Managers

Bridget Elezovic
Bridget ElezovicMidwest Regional Manager
Bridget graduated from Michigan State University and continues to cheer on her Spartans year round. Her dogs are her best friends. She loves country music, cooking, going on adventures and is always looking forward to planning her next vacation.
Marco Schneiderman
Marco SchneidermanCalifornia Regional Manager
Marco is an EDM fanatic and goat cheese connoisseur. If he isn't looking for the newest gluten free goodies in California, you can find him snuggling with his cats.
Jared Vaughn
Jared VaughnMountain Area Regional Manager
Jared is a recent graduate from Colorado State University who studied Natural Resources Management and Watershed Sciences. After working in the natural resources field for a year he realized that marketing was his true calling and joined the Beatbox team. An active alumni of Sigma Chi he is still very involved in helping his fraternity.
Cameron Lay
Cameron LayFlorida Regional Manager Intern
Cameron is a Senior at THE Florida State University. When he isn't rooting on the Noles he is probably at a concert or music festival, dancing very averagely. His goal in life is to be a trophy husband or a world famous dj, whatever happens first. He is currently trying to figure out whose hand is on his shoulder in the picture above.   
Austin Maxwell
Austin MaxwellSoutheast Carolina Regional Manager Intern
 Austin is a Junior Industrial Engineering major at Clemson University, originally from Annapolis, MD. He is the social chairman of Beta Theta Pi and an active member of the Clemson men's club soccer team. He has never gone more than four days in a row without a visit to Chipotle. A lot of persistence and a little bit of luck brought him onto the BeatBox team. Although difficult to tell, his eyebrows do exist. 
Jessica Morosoli
Jessica MorosoliCalifornia Regional Manager Intern
Jessica is a Senior at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. When she isn't slapping the bag you will probably find her shredding the ski slopes on the west coast. Her goal in life is to spread the BeatBox joy to every city in California!  
Smith BaggettSoutheast Region


Legend Brand Ambassadors

Bailey Cox
Bailey CoxNebraska Legend Ambassador
Bailey is a senior at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. She enjoys cheering on the Huskers every Saturday, attending EDM shows, and being with her sorority sisters.  
Chris Edwards
Chris EdwardsMichigan Legend Ambassador
Chris is a senior at Western Michigan University in the one and only Kalamazoo, MI. His major of study is Integrated Supply Management (Supply Chain). He is the current chapter President of the Co-Ed International Business Fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. "I love Beatbox because it is a new breed of drinks, just like millennial are a new breed of people! Favorite BeatBox recipe = BeatBox Lemon-Lime with Sprite and sour!" 
Jake Packard
Jake PackardGeorgia Legend Ambassador
Jake is a senior at the University of Georgia with an obsession for social media. When he isn't repping BeatBox to his college peers, he is cuddling with his dog and setting his fantasy football lineup. Despite an utter lack of talent, Jake still has aspirations of becoming a professional rapper. 
Julien Puech
Julien PuechFlorida Legend Ambassador
Julien is is a Finance and Economics double major at the University of Miami. He is also the events coordinator and tailgate chair for Phi Delta Theta.
Scott Slomann
Scott SlomannCalifornia Legend Ambassador
Scott Slomann is a senior at the University of Southern California double majoring in Accounting and Finance.  Additionally, he is the social chair of Delta Tau Delta.  "Beatbox has been blowing up here and I am excited to help it blow up nationwide."
Ben Stein
Ben SteinIndiana Legend Ambassador
Ben Stein is a Junior at Indiana University studying sports communication. He loves hockey and going to EDM festivals. Born and raised in Northbrook Illinois, he's all about Chicago sports.
Casey Wright
Casey WrightColorado Legend Ambassador
Casey is currently attending Colorado State University for Health and Exercise Science with a promotion concentration, and believes the three most important things in life are skiing, family and friends. He is also an expert on the technique of successful procrastination.